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The ​'world's biggest' solar and battery farm is coming to SA

South Australia is about to get 4.7 million solar panels, enough to stretch from Adelaide to Brisbane and back... and then on to Melbourne.


A render of the Kingfisher solar farm, one of the two solar and battery storage projects set to come to South Australia.

Lyon Group

Remember when the entire state of South Australia had a black out last year? Turns out power supply isn't one of its strong suits right now. But that could soon change with the construction of the world's largest solar generation and storage facility in the state's Riverland district, northeast of Adelaide.

The AU$1 billion project will feature 3.4 million solar panels and 1.1 million batteries, equivalent to 330 megawatts of solar generation and 100 megawatts of battery storage.

The South Australian government has been facing increasing questions about its power supply in recent months, and ongoing public stoushes with the federal government over the security and stability of renewable energy sources. The issue of battery storage gained massive attention earlier this month when Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered to install enough batteries to power the state in a blackout within 100 days.

The Riverland project won't be running in 100 days, but the company behind the project, Lyon Group, has said construction will begin by September this year. The Riverland project will join another solar storage project, known as Kingfisher, near Roxby Downs in the centre of South Australia.

According to Lyon Group partner David Green, the Riverland and Kingfisher projects will each be larger than anything currently operating around the world.

"If the 4.7 million solar panels at Riverland and Kingfisher were placed end to end, they would reach from Adelaide to Brisbane and back, and then all the way to Melbourne," he said.

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