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WorldMate travel app touches down on Android, wants your vote

Got an opinion? Makers of the WorldMate mobile travel app are seeking user votes for to settle the question of which splash screen to use on their upcoming Android app.

WorldMate travel app
Which is your favorite of the bunch? WorldMate wants your vote. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Here's one way to settle a design debate: call a vote.

At least that's WorldMate's plan when it comes to their app's splash screen. WorldMate, is a longtime maker of a mobile travel app--for multiple platforms--that includes tools like a trip planner, flight status alerts, currency converter, and world clocks.

Starting Wednesday, WorldMate is hoping to drum up excitement for its future Android app, and possibly decide an internal difference of opinion, by asking folks to vote for one of four designs you'd see as the app loads. Just be forewarned that voting is the hook to get your beta sign-up. The upshot of being WorldMate's guinea pig: more ways for the opinionated to pass on feedback.