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World Toilet Day raises water awareness with Flush Tracker crap map

Today is World Toilet Day, highlighting some humbling facts about world health and sanitation -- and putting your crap on a map.

Today is World Toilet Day. No we're not taking the, er, mick. The World Toilet Organisation is today highlighting some humbling facts about world health and sanitation, via a website that keeps track of your movements. So to speak.

We've kept the seat warm for you, so sit down and let us tell you more. The WTO has teamed up with Domestos to create the Flush Tracker, a site that shows your poop's progress from your convenience, on a convenient Google Map. It also shows the speed of your stool.

Anyone doing aantal twee in the Netherlands, nommer twee in South Africa, or numer dwa in Poland can follow their flush.

Our bogs look basic next to Japanese toilets, which are just one of many ways the Japanese are technically better than us. Still, at least we have toilets. World Toilet Day is designed to highlight the sad statistic that more than 2.6 billion people -- a staggering 40 per cent of the world's population -- lack access to basic sanitation, with all the attendant health problems. Charities working to improve this sad situation include WaterAid and Charity:Water.

Another use of the Flush Tracker would be to combine it with the Locate My iPhone app, should you ever drop your smart phone down the loo. We imagine water damage would be the least of your worries.

Now please wash your hands.