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World Toilet Day: Let's have a sanitation celebration!

Saturday, November 19 is World Toilet Day. Remember to thank your toilet and take some time to revel in some of the impressive toilet technology that debuted this year.

World Toilet Day
Be sure to thank your toilet on Saturday. Maybe buy it some flowers. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

We've already celebrated Pi Day, Tau Day, and Nigel Tufnel Day this year. Now it's time to commend the commode, show some love to the latrine, and praise the privy. Saturday, November 19 is World Toilet Day. Yippee!

Human poo-powered bike
It's a poo bike, of course. (Click to enlarge.) Toto

The year in toilet tech
It's been a busy year for toilet tech news. We met a toilet seat that can handle 1,000 pounds of humanity. Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto created a motorcycle that runs on the power of people poo.

We also found proof that connectedness is just as important in the loo as it is outside of it. Tablet owners (35 percent of them) fessed up to taking their devices to the toilet.

Tempted by toilet inventions? Urine luck! A creative maker fashioned a toilet paper dispenser that prints off Twitter feeds. Kohler unveiled a $6,400 toilet that already has a tablet to control its functions. You can still bring your iPad along for more entertainment options, though.

Technology and toilets don't always mix. An impressive 19 percent of people have dropped their smartphones into the john. Ew.

Adjustable Advantage toilet seat
The Adjustable Advantage toilet seat handles a serious half ton of weight. Adjustable Advantage

Serious sanitation
World Toilet Day isn't all about exploring potty puns. There's a serious side to the celebration. According to the World Toilet Organization, 40 percent of the world's population is without adequate sanitation.

World Toilet Day is aimed at bringing the taboo loo discussion to the fore. This is a topic that's high on Bill Gates' mind these days. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has dedicated $42 million in grants to boost innovative work with the capture and storage of waste.

Celebrate good times
You might be wondering how best to celebrate World Toilet Day. I'm glad you asked. The day's organizers have some helpful suggestions:

  • Snap a pic of yourself on the loo and share it with unsuspecting Facebook friends.
  • Recruit your boss to help clean the office bog.
  • Write a love note to your dearest on toilet paper. It's romantic--and reusable.
  • Play the iDragPaper app for iPhone or Android and test your toilet paper unrolling skills.

Whether you plan to ride a toilet-cycle across Japan, ogle an outhouse, or drop your cell phone into the head, have a safe and fun World Toilet Day--and don't forget to flush.

Check out the official song of World Toilet Day 2011 to get in the mood: