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World Cup by appointment: Update

World Cup by appointment: Update

OK, so, I installed this little app on Friday, and enjoyed it all weekend long (go, Argentina!). But then (as another poster noted), I arrived at work this morning to find an alert from Norton, pointing out a Trojan.Dropper coming from the bCentral World Cup program. Boo! I don't know what it was, and I'm still investigating, but I will say this: don't drive me to hooliganism, Microsoft U.K.!

Original post: CNET editor Michelle Thatcher turned me on to this awesome Outlook plug-in, which adds all the upcoming games to your Outlook calendars. You can choose whether to have it remind you--and of course, I asked it to. I cannot believe I missed Ecuador vs. Poland, but I will be all over England vs. Paraguay bright and early Saturday morning.