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Working at home because of Coronavirus? This remote-access tool keeps you connected for just $2.95

This exclusive deal gives you unlimited RemotePC use on two computers for one year. Plus: An Xbox One controller charging system for $24.59.

keyboard hand

Once connected to a remote PC, it's like you're sitting at a faraway keyboard.

Amanda Kooser/CNET

More and more companies are asking workers to stay home due to Coronavirus concerns. If you find yourself in that boat, you might also find yourself wishing for a way to connect to your work PC. There's actually an easy way to do that, and a cheap one, too: For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get a 1-year RemotePC subscription for two computers for $2.95.

The tool allows for secure, encrypted access between one PC and another. Once it's installed on your work machine, you simply connect from your home machine. The end result is no different than if you were actually sitting in your office, working on that PC. (While you're at it, check out these work-from-home essentials.)

The software is cross-platform compatible (Windows and Mac). It supports file transfers, remote printing, real-time chat and session recording. It also allows for guest access, in case you want to invite someone to collaborate. (This isn't limited to work-from-home needs, either. You could also set it up on, say, a faraway family member's machine to offer remote tech support.)

I haven't used RemotePC myself, but a spot check of the interwebs shows a handful of reviews, all of them positive. If remote access is something you need right now, this is a ridiculously good deal. If you still use the software after the first year, it goes back to the quite-reasonable regular price of $29.50 annually.

Are there free alternatives? There are, but they'll come with little or no support and likely a more limited feature set. Just make sure to clear this with the IT department (if your company has one) before installing it, as there could be conflicts relating to privacy policies.

Your thoughts?

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Keep your Xbox One controllers charged full-time for $24.59


Power for your Xbox One, docks for your controllers and two rechargeable battery packs, all for under $25.


Still buying batteries for your Xbox controllers? Time to get with the rechargeable times -- which you can now do on the cheap and easy. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Amazon seller ZYH Shop has the Vivefox Xbox One Power Station for $24.59 with promo code TXVZVLKJ. Regular price: $40.99.

This is actually a replacement for your Xbox's power supply, one that has controller charging docks attached to either side. You also get a pair of rechargeable battery packs for your controllers, each one good for 16 to 20 hours of playtime, according to the seller.

Although the docks are compatible with nearly all Xbox One controllers (including the Slim and Elite), the brick itself works only with the standard Xbox One. It doesn't support the One S or One X. However, I suspect you could keep your original power supply for those consoles and use this just as a controller charger. 

I tried one myself. It works as advertised and offers long-overdue freedom from disposable batteries. If you're still under that yoke, this is worth a look.

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