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Work out while you eat

For the ultimate in multitasking, the Fork and Knife Lift are utensils that let you work off your food while you are eating it.

Lift that lasagna! MadZone Marketing

Summer is almost here, and if you're not quite swimsuit-ready, these utensils might just help you out. The Knife and Fork Lift each weigh in at a pound and a half to remind you that every bite you put in your mouth has to be exercised off eventually. If you're trying to be more conscious of what you put in your body, this silverware will definitely do the trick.

Although the site claims that the knife and fork would make a great gift for someone starting a diet or having trouble sticking to one, I'm fairly certain that if you give these as a gift, you've ended a friendship--or a marriage. If you're buying them for yourself, however, kudos to you for taking action.

At the very least, the knife and fork will lighten your wallet, at $40 for the set. Stuffing yourself on soup? Add the new Spoonlift for another $13.