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Wordplay: Best iPhone word games

You could download the latest first-person shooter for iPhone, or you could test the old grey matter with the App Store's best word puzzles.

An influx of complex game ports to iPhone, complete with 3D graphics and finicky control schemes, show off the Apple platform as a contender for games enthusiasts. But we've found the best iPhone games are often simple in style and high in strategy. Word games fit the bill, like Moxie and Wordsworth.

Moxie and Wordsworth: similar goals but very different games (Screenshot by CBSi)

Both games share a common genealogy, testing your ability to create words with a limited range of letters. Wordsworth resembles a traditional find a word, where you must scan a board of letters to find words within and the longer the words the higher your score. Whenever you score with a word those letters disappear and are replaced from the top, similar to Bejewelled. If you can't find any words in the letters you've been given simply shake the iPhone to reset your options.

Moxie has a similar goal to Wordsworth, create words and earn points, but approaches it in a completely different way. You start with three lines with five empty spaces in each and are offered one letter at random at a time. You place the letters where you like and make words as you go, replacing old letters with new where you think they fit best. Once you've created a word on one of the lines it begins a word chain and you have to continue the chain by replacing letters to form new words and be penalised for breaking the chain, and this is where the game gets tricky.

You could download the latest first-person shooter, but for our money these word games are much better value. If you don't trust us then try them out for yourself — both have trial versions available.