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Word Perfect 3.5e file format change: a follow-up

Word Perfect 3.5e file format change: a follow-up

Regarding the problem with converting WordPerfect 3.5e files (mentioned last time), two readers offered different work-arounds: Jack Valentijn writes that if you change the file type of a 3.5e document from WPD4 to WPD3 (using a program such as Snitch or ResEdit), MacLinkPlus will translate the file correctly. Richard Jones claims that when he bypassed MacLinkPlus altogether, and used instead WordPerfect 3.5e's "Save As (WP for PC)" command, he had no problems converting documents to be used with Windows versions of WordPerfect.

Update: Anothervariation to these solutions is posted on the WordPerfect Mac listserv: In WP 3.5e, use the File Open command, highlight the file, open the file info dialog box and change the type from WPD4 to WPD3. MacLinkPlus will recognize the file and translate it as usual. (Thanks, Robert Hammerslag.)