Word 98 Internet Assistant Update and Word AutoUpdates

Word 98 Internet Assistant Update and Word AutoUpdates


A Word 98 Internet Assistant Update is out.

AutoUpdate As first spotted on MacInTouch, if you are connected to the Internet while using Word 98, Word may initiate an automatic scan for new updates to Word. This is how one user first became aware of the Internet Assistant update. It only happened to me when I opened an HTML source code file in Word that had been downloaded from the Web. In any case, you should be able to get an AutoUpdate command to appear in Word 98's Tools menu if you open any HTML file. You can then select the command to initiate the search for updates.

Michael Scott writes that this AutoUpdate feature might somehow be related to why he keeps getting a dialog box, when using Word 98, that informs him that he needs to change settings in AOL Preferences in order to connect to the Internet through an ISP. "This occurs whether or not AOL is open and whether or not I am connected to my normal ISP."

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