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WooMe wants you to watch other people date

Video speed dating service WooMe now offers a watchable directory of user dates. Some might be heartfelt, but most are awesomely uncomfortable for you and them. We smell Internet gold.

Social dating site WooMe has launched a new video service that is so amazingly hard to watch it's bound to be a hit. It's called, and it takes recordings from the site's speed dates and hosts them for all to see.

Not every video is available. Both users must opt in to have the session shared post-date, and only then does it go into the public directory. What makes it an attractive proposition is that the videos are only 60 seconds long (or less), so you can watch two or three of them in rapid succession. Better yet, each video is linked up to the members' profiles, so if someone catches your eye you can message them, or view some of their other social interactions.

User ratings have been employed to weed out the good from the bad using the same five-star system that's found on YouTube. WooMe's creators are also highlighting especially watch-worthy videos in a special featured section. If you find something you like you can share it with friends either through a direct link or with an embed, which is what I've done below.

I think you'll agree that this has the makings of a really watch-worthy service, however, there are a few things that could make it better. For instance:

• Give me an annotation tool. I spent countless hours watching Blind Date back when it was on TV, and seeing little moving notes on the videos was wonderful. I can imagine that someone, somewhere can do as good a job as that production team, especially if they're limited to just 60 seconds. Better yet, team up with Veeple to do it and make some cash.

• Make inter-network sharing more functional. I just found a video of someone who seems like a good match for my friend. Let me recommend it to him or her with a customized message.

• Let me filter the videos by age group and location. The current system is a good start for exploring, but not as much for meeting other people nearby.

See also WooMe competitor, which has made certain member dates public for the sake of promotion.