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Wooden car claims top speed of 240 mph

The key to the "Splinter's" speed is its weight advantage.


Apparently there's some worthwhile science in those Soap Box Derby cars we had to make in the Cub Scouts after all. North Carolina-based Joe Harmon Design has created "the world's first wooden supercar," which can reportedly reach speeds of 240 miles per hour.

The 15-foot-long "Splinter" has a 4.6-liter V8 engine and is made from maple, plywood, and fiberboard, according to Fareastgizmos. The the key to its speed advantage over metal cars is weight, according to its owners: It tips the scales at 2,500 pounds, they say, nearly 530 pounds less than a Porsche 911 GT3.

The six-speed Splinter, which supposedly gets decent gas mileage for a race car (up to 20 miles per gallon), is scheduled to roll out this year at an undisclosed price. Depending on how well it does, maybe a future Prius made out of bamboo isn't as crazy as it sounds.