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Wood guitar controller aims for more authentic rocking

Peak Products is out with Starpex, which it says is the first-ever full-size, wood PlayStation 2/PlayStation 3 guitar controller.

Starpex controller
Peak Products

For those true-blue rockers who might frown on a (gasp!) plastic guitar controller, gaming peripheral maker Peak Products is out with the Starpex, which it says is the first-ever full-size wood guitar controller for the PS2/PS3.

The idea here is that a more authentic-feeling instrument can make you feel even more rock star-esque than you already do as you shred your way through the popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band titles. Peak Products says Starpex has an instrument-quality hardwood body, neck, and headstock handcrafted by a leading guitar manufacturer, which as of now, shall apparently remain unnamed.

A button on the controller provides fast access to Star Power and Overdrive modes in the games, and built-in tilt sensor technology lets users access those modes in a more Jimi Hendrix kind of way. The 10-fret button design means players can use traditionally positioned fret buttons, or rock out with solo buttons high up on the neck. The Starpex has wired and wireless capabilities, allowing players to go with a 15-foot cable or a 2.4GHz wireless connection. It can be customized with new guitar bodies, pick guards, and more.

The Starpex will be available at Circuit City and various other retailers in late August with an MSRP of $179.95. Hey, at least that's less than a Gibson.