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Wood-carved gadgets a hit in Tokyo

Japanese wood crafts maker Hacoa goes all-out gadget with a new shop filled with Crave-able goods.

Good enough to eat? These USB keys from Japan's Hacoa come in maple and walnut--finishes, not flavors. Tim Hornyak/CNET

TOKYO--How important is the feel of your favorite tech toy? If you're sick of plastic, you won't be barking up the wrong tree with a visit to Japanese wood crafts producer Hacoa.

I'd wanted to see Hacoa's stuff ever since its crushworthy wooden keyboard from a few years back.

So when I heard that Hacoa had opened its first exclusive shop in Tokyo recently, I had to drop by and see what they'd brought back from the forest. Japan has few natural resources but lots of woodlands, as well as a rich tradition of woodcraft.

Hacoa, based in Fukui Prefecture and founded in 1962, had on display its Full Ki-Board, which adds a number pad to the earlier version.

The price: a mere 89,250 yen ($1,141). It does feel silky-smooth to the touch, though. See the promo vid below.

The new shop, located under the tracks near Tokyo's Akihabara electronics district, has a plethora of wooden gadget accessories and is a testament to the brand's growing popularity.

From custom-engraved iPhone cases to gorgeously lacquered USB keys, Hacoa's craftsmanship has even graced the desks of an APEC leaders' summit last year.

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