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Original TV 'Wonder Woman' opening reimagined with Gal Gadot

The starting sequence from the 1970s "Wonder Woman" television series starring Lynda Carter gets a makeover starring Gal Gadot from the new superhero movie.

A generation of superhero fans grew up in the '70s knowing Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on television. The long-awaited reboot movie finally reaches the big screen Friday, starring Gal Gadot as the Amazonian warrior. YouTube channel ScreenCrush is celebrating with a pitch-perfect mashup placing Gadot and her movie co-stars into a reworked opening sequence for the TV show.

ScreenCrush went to the effort of taking clips from the "Wonder Woman" movie and running them through a retro filter to match the look and feel of vintage '70s film footage. There's something truly delightful in seeing Gadot matched up with the classic theme music. 

The video, released on Thursday, will reach fans of the original show right in the feelers. It's a tribute, a remembrance and a fun way to connect the warrior princess' small-screen past with her big-screen future.