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'Wonder Woman' won't have a post-credits scene, so jet home

Head straight back to Themyscira after the movie ends, unless you really want to know who the assistant to the hairdresser's assistant was.

Gal Gadot's leaving it all on the screen, so no need to hang around hoping for a post-credits tidbit.

Warner Bros

"Wonder Woman" watchers, you can dash out of the theater to your invisible jet right after the movie ends. The long-awaited superheroine flick won't feature any post-credits scenes, producer Charles Roven told CinemaBlend this weekend.

"I'm not going to say we'd never do one," Roven told CinemaBlend. "There was one in 'Suicide Squad.' But I don't think that we want to feel that we're forced to do something just because we didn't in the past."

Films in the DC Comics Extended Universe aren't known for their post-credit scenes in the way that Marvel movies are. Marvel's recent release, "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" features five after-credits scenes.

"Wonder Woman," starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, opens June 2 in the US and June 1 in the UK and Australia. The social media embargo for those who've already seen it lifted on May 18, and early tweets are mostly raves, with some critics going as far as to call it DC's best.