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Watch a young Diana grow up in final 'Wonder Woman' trailer

From childhood on, the Amazon warrior princess was determined to fight injustice, as the preview reveals.

The final "Wonder Woman" trailer fans will get before the movie's June release premiered at the MTV Movie and TV Awards Sunday night, and it showed a young Diana to be just as determined and unstoppable as her grown-up version.

A grade-school-age Diana is shown trying to convince her mother to let her fight, while an unconvinced Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) tries to keep her safe. (C'mon, Mom, she just wants the shield -- no sharp edges!)

Obviously, Diana (played as an adult by Gal Gadot) gets her way, and soon she's off in the regular human world, which is torn by World War I, and there she meets Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). From the looks of it, Trevor's been written with a dry wit that could help this movie be a little lighter than most DC films. When Diana determinedly announces, "To the war!", he replies, "Well, technically, the war's that way, but we gotta go this way first."

No spoilers here -- the trailer is above, enjoy it for yourself. "Wonder Woman" opens June 2 in the US and June 1 in the UK and Australia.

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