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'Wonder Woman' lassos new director Patty Jenkins

Michelle Maclaren is out and the "Monster" director is in, as another leading female director rules herself out for political reasons.

Gal Gadot is to play Wonder Woman in the forthcoming DC movies. Warner Bros. / DC Comics

"Wonder Woman" has lassoed a new director. Patty Jenkins, director of "Monster", steps into the DC Comics adaptation just days after Michelle Maclaren bowed out.

Created in 1941, DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess fighting bad guys in the world of men. The film will see Gal Gadot wield the lasso of truth and bullet-bouncing bracelets, with Scott Eastwood as the love interest.

The film was originally slated to be the first big screen project helmed by Michelle MacLaren, best known for producing and directing TV shows including "The X-Files", "Breaking Bad", "The Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones". She left the project just two days ago over "creative differences".

Her replacement Patty Jenkins has directed TV shows including "Entourage", "Arrested Development" and the pilot of the US version of "The Killing". She was at one point set to direct "Thor: The Dark World" for DC's rival Marvel, but bowed out over more of those pesky creative differences. She's getting a second crack at a caped hero with the Wonder Woman movie, which is set to be released in June 2017.

In an interesting side-twist to the tale, fans reacted to the news by calling on director Lexi Alexander to step in. With "Punisher: War Zone", Alexander became the first and only woman to have directed a major superhero movie -- in as much as the Punisher can be considered a superhero, anyway. However, Alexander immediately ruled herself out because she disagrees with Israeli star Gal Gadot's stance on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The big screen Wonder Woman will make her first appearance next year when Gadot stands shoulder to shoulder with Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in " Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", directed by Zack Snyder.