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'Wonder Woman' is on sale at Amazon for $10

And via Movies Anywhere, it's technically on sale on every other video service, too.


"Wonder Woman" is getting a price cut on Amazon Friday.

Clay Enos

"Wonder Woman," one of the best-reviewed movies based on a DC comic series, is on sale for $10 Friday.

Amazon has cut the price of the HD edition of the film from $20 to $10 for Amazon Prime subscribers. And following Thursday's announcement of the Movies Anywhere service -- which links most movie purchases made on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu and Google Play together -- that $10 purchase will flow over to nearly any internet-connected television and device.

That means you buy the film on sale through Amazon to view it with Amazon's X-Ray service to get more information about the film, then see it on iTunes to watch special features included with iTunes Extras and on anywhere you already have access to the Vudu or Google Play Movies/YouTube apps.

No word on how long this sale will last, so it's likely best to grab quickly if you were planning on buying the movie at some point.

Update, 2:57 p.m. PT: A reader pointed out that the discount isn't appearing without a subscription to Amazon Prime, and we have updated the story accordingly.

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