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Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman join forces in new comic

They ruled TV screens in the '70s and now they're back for an epic team-up.

Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman make a dazzling dynamic duo in upcoming comic.

DC Comics/Dynamite Entertainment

Batman and Superman may not get along, but that doesn't mean female superheroes have the same personality clashes.

In the new comic series "Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman," government agents Jaime Sommers and Diana Prince pool their superpower resources against a dire threat to national security.

In this action-packed comic miniseries, the two superheroes team up to fight a rogue secret faction called CASTRA, who are determined to create chaos and steal deadly weapons. They're drawn as they were played by 1970s TV stars Lynda Carter ("Wonder Woman") and Lindsay Wagner ("The Bionic Woman").

The new comic series will be written by Andy Mangels ("The X-Files") and illustrated by Judit Tondora ("Protectors"). Artists Alex Ross and Cat Staggs will also be creating various covers.

"For 40 years, fans have been wondering what would happen if their favorite television heroines got to meet," Mangels told CBR. "I'm thrilled to get to mix these two feminist icons into a massive story that respects not only the characters themselves, but also the magic that Lynda Carter and Lindsay Wagner brought to their history-changing roles."

"Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman" will launch on December 7.