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Women sue: Caffeinated underwear doesn't zap fat

Underwear performance underwhelming, says suit targeting Maidenform's caffeine microcapsule undies that promise to burn cellulite.

Maidenform's caffeine-laced Shapewear may be like having a cup of joe in your shorts, but does it slim too? Maidenform

Ah, functional underpants. We've seen claims that they can protect you from radiation, eat farts, and even burn fat.

So is anyone surprised to see a lawsuit disputing claims that caffeine-infused undies can help zap fat?

Two women are suing lingerie maker Maidenform for "consumer fraud, breach of warranty and unjust enrichment," according to Courthouse News.

The manufacturer says underwear in its Shapewear line has "Novarel Slim yarn technology" that "provides slimming benefits by reducing the appearance of cellulite. Novarel Slim microfibre incorporates microcapsules containing caffeine, retinol, ceramides, and other active principles."

I don't know about you, but the only principle I want in my underwear is that of boxers over briefs.

Anyway, the Brooklyn Federal Court suit brought by New Yorkers Christine Caramore and Michelle Martin claims the Shapewear didn't burn cellulite as advertised, according to New York Daily News.

"The Federal Trade Commission calls such claims about as credible as a note from the Tooth Fairy," Courthouse News quotes the suit as saying.

Observers have noted that the case recalls one in which Sketchers USA paid $40 million to settle FTC charges that the maker's Shape-ups shoes could help incinerate fat and tone muscle.

Do you place any faith in fat-busting fashions? Are you persuaded by the Maidenform ad below?