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Woman kicked off train after 16-hour cell phone chat

A woman is removed from an Amtrak train and charged with disorderly conduct after she reportedly talks nonstop on her cell phone from Oakland, Calif., to Salem, Ore.

It's curious to me that some people still think that cell phones are for talking to someone.

No, they're for playing games, checking in, and sending naked picture of yourself.

So how odd that one woman seems to have managed to talk on her own little device for 16 hours, while traveling from Oakland, Calif., to Salem, Ore.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, KATU-TV reports that not everyone in the car in which she was sitting was entirely amused by her conversation. Oh, didn't I mention it? She was reportedly in the quiet car of an Amtrak train.

Lakeysha Beard ended up being escorted off the train by friendly Oregon police officers and charged with disorderly conduct.

It seems that several announcements from the train staff didn't quite do the trick of tearing her away from her cell phone. It seems that then she became embroiled in what was described by the police as a "verbal altercation" with other passengers, whose Sudoku games she had, perhaps, disturbed.

I haven't been on an Amtrak train for a while, but apparently they have cell phone charging stations, as well as no official policy on cell phone use.

Still, don't most humans know when they're getting on someone's nerves? Perhaps not in every case. As MSNBC reported, Beard herself felt "disrespected."

Can someone please invent a phone that drowns out the speaker's voice for everyone except the person at the other end of the call? That would surely be easier than social engineering.