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Woman in Apple store with device strapped to chest a mystery

Police remain baffled about a woman who walked into staff areas of a Boca Raton, Fla., Apple store, a mystery object strapped to her, and claimed she needed help.

What was she really doing? Boca Raton Police Department Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The police report makes for difficult reading.

What seems evident is that a woman walked into an Apple store in Boca Raton, Fla., on Tuesday and tried to go into the men's restroom.

An employee explained that perhaps the men's restroom wasn't entirely appropriate for her. She found the women's restroom, then walked around the store, until she entered a storage area.

Again, an employee suggested she might have taken a wrong turn. At which point she allegedly opened her hoodie and revealed an object strapped to her chest.

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She didn't explain what it was, but did ask for help.

Moreover, she also requested that police not be called because she feared that harm would come to her.

Some of this was captured on the store's security video.

The woman left the store and was last seen running across the parking lot of the mall in which the store is situated.

There is no way of knowing what sort of device she had strapped to her, but police say it measured around 4x4 inches.

I have contacted the Boca Raton Police Department to see whether there might have been some leads -- or even a vague explanation of what might have occurred here -- and will update, should I hear.

It cannot have been easy for the Apple store employees to know how to react to such apparently bizarre, and possibly threatening, behavior.

This woman could have been a genuine danger to herself or others. But how do you know? And what are you supposed to do?