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Woman gets $900 for spot in iPad 2 line

A woman at the flagship Apple store in New York sells her spot in line to an app developer. She says she will now buy Lady Gaga tickets.

The wheels of commerce truly have no brakes. And, being wheels, they don't have scruples or taste either. Even when it comes to the iPad 2.

It appears that a college student called Amanda Foote was committed to being the first person in line to buy an iPad 2 at the most famous Apple store, on Fifth Avenue in New York.

She reportedly parked herself at the front of the line for 41 hours.

As Mashable tells it, she suffered the slings and apples of outrageous fortune. It rained for an entire day. A passer-by even helped himself to three of her doughnuts.

Just when she was, perhaps, about to scream to the fates and rail at the skies, salvation came along. In the form of 900 crisp and legally tender dollar bills.

For it seems that an app developer called Hazem Sayed was very happy to hand over more than the price of a top-of-the-range iPad in order to take her place.

You might think this a blissfully happy ending to a story of one woman's torrid suffering.

However, you might also be of a mind to first watch the video I have embedded. In it, Foote declares that she was less interested in the iPad 2 and more interested in the lucre. She said she really wanted to sell her spot to someone all along (she even took out an ad on Craigslist).

"It's kind of an easy way to make money, and it's kind of fun," she said.

Because I know so many of us are interested in quantifying emotions, one more nugget ought to be considered. Foote says that within the first hour of sitting there, she was offered $600. So another 40 hours of sitting out in the cold (with only, she says, 3 hours and 10 minutes sleep) netted her another $300. (Yes, that would seem to be a little more than $7 per hour) Was that worth it?

She seems to think so. Especially as, with her $900, she can now afford to get Lady Gaga tickets.

I am sure no one could imagine a finer way to spend such smartly earned cash.