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Woman gets $15K of plastic surgery to look better in selfies

Believing that her virtual self is just as important as her actual one, an LA talent agent decides to alter her chin and various other parts of her face.

Chins ain't what they used to be. ABC News/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I have a life lesson for you that you should carry around in your head at all times.

If you fear you might forget it, please write it down in your phone, keep it in your wallet, and perhaps stick it to a piece of your wearable tech.

This is the life lesson: "Your social media presence is just as important as your real life presence."

No, of course this didn't come to me in the middle of the night. It came to me via the mouth of Triana Lavey, speaking to ABC News.

Actually I cannot guarantee that the mouth I saw moving on the ABC News video really is (completely) Lavey's mouth.

For she is the woman who decided to have $15,000 worth of plastic surgery, so that she could look better in selfies.

While you lie down, repeatedly strike your head with your cell phone, and bemoan the fact that aliens refuse to offer us correctional education, I will tell you a little more.

Lavey insisted that her "darned chin bugs the living daylights out of me in this photo."

You might have imagined that just deleting it and taking another one would be a cost-effective cure. But, no. The chin just had to go.

After all, it's the first thing she looks at when she looks at a photo. Don't you?

Lavey really wants you to understand something, just in case you don't. "Today, this business, moving at the speed of the Internet, your selfie is your headshot."

Why is this important? Well, "You can reinvent yourself every day with your iPhone."

You cannot be the same person every day. That would be dull for everyone, especially you.

Did I mention that Lavey is an LA talent agent? Perhaps, in her world, the photograph really is everything. Until you open your mouth in real life, that is.

She actually had her surgery two years ago, but, as the Huffington Post reports, she has continued to have all sorts of fine facial treatments in order to maintain her virtual beauty.

So the moral of this tale is simple: If you create the perfect virtual presence, your success and happiness are virtually assured.