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Woman discovers apartment trashed on Facebook

A woman rents her apartment to tenants her agent says are reputable. Then one day, she's on Facebook and sees pictures of a raucous party--yes, it's happening at her apartment. And the place is a mess.

So here's the story as told by Carolyn Lorimer.

She buys herself a little apartment, or "flat" as they call it in Folkestone, England. Eight months ago, she decides to rent it out to nice people.

She hires a rental agency whose agents tell her they have succeeded in finding a sweet, respectable couple who would like to enjoy her apartment.

Things appear to be going swimmingly, until, one day, Ms. Lorimer is wandering around Facebook, as one does, and sees a picture of a party, with folks dancing on the tables and generally looking a little on the trashed side.

Lordy, she says to herself, what a motley crew. Shortly before: Lordy, Lordy, they're enjoying my apartment.

"I recognized it as my flat straight away and I couldn't believe what I was seeing," she told the Telegraph. "People jumping on the furniture, dancing on the kitchen table, holes in the walls and smashed TVs. It looked like a slum."

A good idea is to hang this sign over all tables before you rent your apartment. CC Golampo/Flickr

She described the tenants as "massive chavs." This is an instructive phrase for many around the world to learn, should they ever venture to England. A chav is someone of ill-culture who talks loudly, vomits often, and dedicates much of his or her credit card limit to Fendi, Gucci, or other haute-culture designers.

Ms. Lorimer says her first move was to issue an eviction order, but the tenants fled, leaving her with unpaid bills, a chandelier yanked from the ceiling, door panels kicked in, and other signs of chavvy damage.

The local police seem to think the apartment had become notorious for noxious behavior. Which, while one has every sympathy with Ms. Lorimer, makes one wonder why her first knowledge of the chavviness of her tenants came from Facebook.

Might she not have periodically chatted with her neighbors (she actually bought the apartment in 2004)? She is, peculiarly enough, a former realtor, so perhaps she might have gained a little wisdom, property-wise.

Still, let this sad tale of the chavs and chav-nots be a warning to everyone out there who is renting out their abode and living with their parents, their lovers, their fourth spouses or three friends in a tent. Please get lots of insurance.

And follow those bloody tenants on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social contraption they might populate.