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Woman claims Facebook comments world record

How can everyone not be excited when there are more than 1 million comments on a Facebook post? A woman and more than 100 fellow FrontierVille aficionados claim to have achieved this.

When humanity makes true, verifiable progress, we can all sit up, admire, and imagine what it must be like to be in the pioneer's shoes.

Please, therefore, take a moment today to consider how it must feel to be Cathy Matthews and her more than 100 friends.

Did they cross the Atlantic on a 2 by 4? Not quite. Did they climb Everest dressed only in bikinis? Almost. For they claim to have broken the world comments record for a single Facebook post.

I am indebted to the Huffington Post for bringing this history to my attention.

Matthews claimed in an interview with KTXL-TV in Sacramento that she is "leaving her mark on the world."

What an indelible mark it would be, should the Guinness World Record people ratify this achievement.

Because you, too, want to leave your mark on the world, you will be wondering what possessed these people to perform such a task of socially networked endurance. Well, Matthews and her friends are fans of FrontierVille.

Need one say more? Need one explain further why someone dedicated to a pursuit of one of the world's most grueling games would wish to express their sense of purpose in some other, even grander way?

"I'm not a spring chicken anymore and I really haven't done anything phenomenal," Matthews explained to KTXL.

As Einstein emphasized, phenomenal is hard. Phenomenology isn't too easy, either.

Should your math be phenomenally slow today, the record suggests that each of the 107 people participating in this quest posted more than 9,300 times. Matthews explained that most of the posts were merely two-letter words. Like "go."

I wonder if "no", "oh", "er" or "ha" also made a showing.

The previous record was, apparently, just over 500,000. So, should this feat be ratified, it will be an absolute crushing of the previous mark.

The FrontierVille friends frontier-crashing began only on October 30, with this post. The intention was clear. The determination absolute.

And now, 1,001,579 comments later, the record seems to be set. I wonder if they'll all go back to homesteading, or whether that just won't seem like so much fun anymore.

A sample of the postings Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET