Woman claims e-cigarette blew up, shot 4-foot flames

An Atlanta woman plugs an electronic cigarette into her computer's USB port. Next, in her own words: "Kaboom!"

The Kaboom expression. WSB-TV Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some smokers seek every possible way to kick their rather smelly habit.

Many wear patches. Others desperately keep away from their Camels and just get angry at every human around them.

However, the makers of e-cigarettes claim theirs is a wonderful breakthrough.

Not everyone is convinced that it's quite so wonderful or even quite so much healthier than a pack of 20.

One Atlanta woman, for example, claims she's happy to be alive enough to -- who knows? -- smoke a Marlboro Light after a very difficult electronic smoking experience.

As WSB-TV reports, Elizabeth Wilkowski is sure that what she experienced was no ordinary event.

"I didn't hear a boom. It wasn't a pop. It was a kaboom!" she said.

To make her point, she spread her arms to almost their full kabooming width.

"It sounded like a bomb, OK. My walls rattled," she added.

I am sure your (inner) walls will rattle too at the idea that a mere e-cigarette might explode, shoot 4-foot flames, and burn through your rug.

Wilkowski claims that she had simply plugged the e-cigarette into her computer's USB port in order to charge it.

This particular e-cigarette was a Seego EHit, manufactured in China.

I have contacted the company to see whether it has any comment with respect to the alleged "Kaboom." I will update, should I hear.

The owner of the store where Wilkowski bought her EHit told WSB-TV that he no longer carries the brand.

Some might think that e-cigarettes are no different from cell phones. Occasionally, they catch fire.

Yet the problem with the e-cigarette industry is that it seems relatively unregulated. This means that users have to be especially careful about what they buy and how they use it.

Personally, I am relieved that there is not (yet) something called e-Pinot Noir. That would cause a peculiar sucking sound in my heart.

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