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Woman assaulted for asking loud cell phone talker to chill

A woman in Brooklyn asks another woman to, perhaps, maybe, talk a little quieter on her cell phone. The next thing she knows is she is being beaten by the cell phone lady.

Please tell the truth. Once in a while, you really want to tell someone describing at a high lung level the date they had last night with a perverted zombie to just belt up. Or at least to make his or her cell phone call a little more intimate.

Well, a woman standing in line at a Brooklyn bodega found Berta Rakhmamimov's cell-phone conversation a little too piercing.

And she allegedly wound up attacked by Rakhmamimov's fists, coffee and, naturally, stiletto heels.

Now why did I choose this picture? CC Mel B

For those of you fond of a blow-by-blow account of fisticuffs, police said that Rahkmamimov first tried the two-handed push to the chest, DeNiro-style. Then she tossed her freshly made coffee into the victim's face--which Pacino must have done in one movie or another.

Not satisfied that she had made her point or enough of a scene, she proved she is an aficionado of three more great actors: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and David Beckham.

It appears she floated like a butterfly and stung like a sparrow. Because she then bit her victim's finger, and finally kicked at her thigh with her stiletto. (Come on, you know Becks has worn skirts before, don't you?)

Rakhmamimov was arrested on charges of assault, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon. The weapon was not the cell phone. It was the coffee.

I wonder what Rakhmamimov is telling her friends today. And how loudly she is telling them.