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Woman allegedly live-streams her death on Periscope

French authorities are investigating a suicide that reportedly was broadcast on the Twitter-owned live-streaming app.


Authorities in France have opened an investigation after a woman allegedly broadcast her death on Periscope, the Twitter-owned live-streaming app.

The woman died Tuesday after intentionally falling under a train in Evry, about 25 miles from Paris. She reportedly was using the app at the time of her death.

Periscope is primarily used for streaming and watching live broadcasts, but videos can be saved for later viewing. The content was removed from Periscope, a Twitter spokesman said, adding that the company does not comment on "individual accounts."

Local prosecutor Eric Lallement told the New York Times that investigators are trying to retrieve the video. The woman's family described her to investigators as being psychologically fragile. She may have warned viewers, as well as a friend, of what she intended to do.

Periscope is a relatively new addition to the social media landscape but has quickly grown in popularity since Twitter bought it last year. The app has not been without controversy. Last month, a teenager was indicted in Ohio for allegedly using Periscope to live-stream the rape of a friend.

Actual violence or incitements of it are banned in the app's guidelines.

"Periscope is intended to be open and safe," the guidelines say. "To maintain a healthy platform, explicit graphic content is not allowed. Explicit graphic content includes, but is not limited to, depictions of child abuse, animal abuse, or bodily harm."

Periscope users with concerns can report any issues to the service directly by emailing Twitter also offers a form for reporting threats of suicides or self harm.

CNET was unable to reach French authorities for comment.