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Wolverine stands up to rednecks in 'Logan' teaser clip

Cowboy hats, insults, a property dispute and Wolverine's muscles star in a dramatic showdown scene from "Logan."

Hot on the heels of the "Logan" Super Bowl trailer, 20th Century Fox is feeding the marketing machine with another peek at the upcoming X-Men film. Instead of a rapid-fire trailer with lots of action and soaring music, this clip shows a tense standoff scene involving Wolverine and a character played by Eriq La Salle of "ER" fame.

The footage shows Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) helping out La Salle's character.

We don't know much about La Salle's role in the film, other than that he's standing up for his property rights against a crew of what appears to be stereotypical rednecks. Wolverine calls them by an insulting name before convincing them to "get the hell out of here" by snapping a gun in half.

The main "Logan" trailers have teased a storyline involving a young mutant girl with powers similar to Wolverine's. The movie appears to be shaping up as a more contemplative take on the superhero genre than we normally see with the effects-heavy X-Men franchise.

"Logan" opens in theaters worldwide in early March.

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