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Wolfram Alpha's Facebook analytics just got smarter

The organization's new tool helps users arrange their friends into groups and gain better insight into their Facebook network.

Are you a social connector or social insider?
Are you a social connector or social insider? Wolfram Alpha

Those looking for greater insight into their Facebook networks will now find enhanced analytics from Wolfram Alpha.

The organization yesterday announced a wide array of updates to a Facebook analytics tool it launched in August. That launch allowed users to see daily posting activity and friend statistics, ranging from location to age ranges. In the new update posted yesterday, Wolfram Alpha has added a new categorization feature that arranges a person's friends, family, and acquaintances into several groups:

  • Social Insider: A person with many friends in common with you.
  • Social Outsider: A person with few or no mutual friends.
  • Social Gateway: A person with many friends outside of your network.
  • Social Neighbor: A person with few, if any, friends outside of your network.
  • Social Connector: A person who connects you with other groups.

Aside from the new categories, Wolfram Alpha's update includes a host of visualization improvements, including the ability to easily see how many married people are in the user's network and who has the most friends at a particular college. Ultimately, Wolfram Alpha wants to use its computing abilities to shed far more light on a person's Facebook network, and has promised more updates in the future.

To try out the Facebook analytics feature, users should type "Facebook report" into Wolfram Alpha's search box. After verifying their account, users will have the information on their network delivered.