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Wolf optical illusion shows internet a howling good time

Sure, you've picked a side in the infamous dress debate and figured out the brick wall photo. But watch long enough, and this latest visual puzzle solves itself.

Some optical illusions require you to stare at them for a long time until you finally see something -- like the brick wall illusion that made its way around the internet recently, and those Magic Eye puzzles that ruled American shopping malls back in the '90s. (Never could see the sailboat. Lied every time. Then called it a day and went to Orange Julius.)

Then there are the kinder, gentler optical illusions, that do the work for you. This latest visual puzzle is a video, and all will be revealed if you watch the entire 43-second-long production. (Warning: possibly NSFW content ahead, depending where you work.)

There's this wolf, see, in typical full-on classic wolf-howling-at-the-moon position. But after it howls, things start to rearrange.

Turns out the wolf has not one, not two, but three secrets. A pack of them, if you will.

Where wolf? There wolf -- wait just a...

Italian master bodypainter Johannes Stötter is responsible for the wolf illusion. You can see more of his animal illusions on his site, and order prints or calendars. (Don't miss the especially cool angelfish, which he posted online in January.)

And if you're in Austria early next month, you can see his work at the Bodies and Beats bodypainting festival July 1-3. Now share this video with a friend. It'll give them paws for thought.