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WizeHive gets built-in Zoho, big file uploads

Online collaboration tool WizeHive now has a built-in word processor, along with file upload increases that let you send 100 MB files into the cloud.

Philadelphia-based collaboration tool WizeHive is getting a handful of useful updates today.

The service, which is aimed at helping both groups and individuals manage projects and juggle tasks, is evolving into something designed to replace desktop productivity software with features like an integrated word processor, file previewer, and storage with versioning controls that let users roll back to an older version of any file.

Starting today, WizeHive users can create and collaborate on Zoho documents from within WizeHive, and without having to open a Zoho account. Whatever they save is also stored along with the rest of their files and projects back on WizeHive.

Users can now upload up to 50 files at a time, up to 100 MB a pop. CNET

Along with the editor, WizeHive users can also store and share larger files on the service, and more of them at a time. The new cap per file is 100 MB, up from 10. The new uploader also lets users upload up to 50 files at a time, up from single file uploads.

Coming next month will be a way to view previews of certain types of files from within WizeHive. Currently you have to download a file, then open it up in a local application--something that really doesn't work if you're on a computer without the proper software installed. This can also be problematic if you're on a limited connection such as cellular data. Storage services like have been doing this for a while, and it can be a big time saver.

WizeHive continues to be a free service through its "beta" period. After that, users will have to pay $39 a month, along with an extra few dollars for additional storage and users in a group. See also Seattle-based Liquid Planner, which offers fuzzy due dates on tasks.