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Witness the beauty of Pyrex glass exploding in extreme slow motion

Glass usually shatters too fast to view the intricacies of its structural failure. A slow-motion video lets us see every dazzling detail.

Pyrex glass measuring cups are a popular choice for kitchens. I've had mine since I got out of college. They're durable, but they're not meant to handle sudden extreme changes in temperature. The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel took this as a challenge and applied a blow torch and then ice water to a large Pyrex measuring cup (while wearing lots of protective gear). The results are spectacular to behold.

The video is shot in extreme slow motion, even for guys who specialize in slo-mo. The video starts at over 28,000 frames per second (fps) and ends up filming an explosion at 343,000 fps. Compare that to the choice between 120 and 240 fps on a typical iPhone. "It's so slow, it's almost like looking at an entirely different plane of existence," say the filmmakers.

The Slo Mo Guys aren't content to just film the glass breaking. They compare the speed of the shattering cup to how long it takes a person to react to water falling onto his eye. Spoiler: people are slow. The video launched on Sunday and has already topped a million views, which goes to show just how fascinated the internet is with destruction.