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With WWDC sellout expected, unofficial ticket notifier arrives

With last year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference selling out in two hours, a new site hopes to give people the heads-up on when tickets for this year's show go on sale.

Workers set up Moscone ahead of last year's WWDC.
Workers set up Moscone ahead of last year's WWDC. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

If you were a developer who missed out on nabbing tickets to Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference last year, there's a new solution to make sure that doesn't happen again next year.

Developers Anthony Herron and Aaron Wardle have launched WWDC Alerts, a simple site that promises to give people the heads up when tickets to Apple's yet-to-be-announced 2012 event goes on sale.

"In 2011 it sold out in less than 10 hours. In 2012 it will likely by sooner [sic]," the site says. "WWDC Alerts will notify you via call and SMS as soon as we know the tickets are on sale regardless of your timezone."

All that's needed from developers is to plug in their phone number, which the pair promise won't be given away to a third party.

The sold out sign for last year's show.
The sold out sign for last year's show. Apple

"Whilst this isn't a fix for those at vast altitudes in metal tin cans, there should hopefully be less anxiety about leaving the house as the date draws near and the tickets are made available. You're welcome," the site says.

While kicking off the WWDC keynote last June, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs told the crowd that the show sold out in two hours, and that 5,200 people were attending the show. Jobs then apologized that the company could not sell more tickets since the Moscone Center in San Francisco was the biggest place the company could get to host the event.

The limited number of tickets turned into a business for some, with WWDC tickets popping up on eBay for $4,599, well above the original price of $1,599.

Apple has not yet announced a WWDC for this year, but is expected to in the coming months. Last year's show was announced near the end of March and set the stage for the unveiling of iCloud, iOS 5, and some of the remaining features of Mac OS X Lion. All three products were released later in the year. The event also marked Jobs' last public appearance at a company event before his death in early October.

(via The Next Web)