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With this ring I thee project

Artist Luke Jerram developed a wedding ring that comes with a built-in mini "projector" to display a series of portraits of the couple.

Slide projector wedding ring
Working with local jeweler Tamrakar, Luke Jerram created this ring for his wedding to Shelina Nanji. Luke Jerram

With wedding vows a little less lasting than the extended warranty on an HDTV these days, it's probably not a good idea to tattoo your commitment to each other onto skin. A better way to symbolize your love, as artist and groom-to-be Luke Jerram did, is to design a wedding band that comes with a built-in mini "projector" to display portraits of the couple. Though whether this makes the ring awkward to wear is beside the point.

Jerram, working finger-in-hand with British jeweler Tamrakar, developed a bespoke projector ring with a tiny lens and a miniature slide that can be inserted into the edge of the ring. When you shine light through the slide, the lens "projects" the image of the couple onto a surface. Best of all, the picture can easily be swapped, which is a whole lot more convenient than scrubbing off those mid-life tattoos when the honeymoon's over.

Although Tamrakar has said the projector ring is a one-off design, there's no stopping you from borrowing the idea, which Jarrem said was inspired by 19th century Stanhopes. The artist even has a talking-ring concept on his site, if a "projected" picture fails to speak a thousand words for you and the missus.

Projector wedding ring
Memories through refracted light. Luke Jerram

(Source: Crave Asia)