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With this machine, Slinky hits the gym more than you do

Thanks to some makers in London, the classic coiled-metal spring toy Slinky now has its own treadmill.

Forget the swinging steel balls of Newton's Cradle. There's a new gizmo for your desktop: the Never Ending Slinky Machine (aka Project NESM). It's like a little treadmill for your Slinky.

You might remember that Slinky was first caught exercising in this viral video from 2012. But now, London-based Creatables Labs has given the springy toy something to work out on that's more its size.

Never Ending Slinky Machine NESM
"A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing!" Creatables Labs

When they were developing the NESM, they set out to make a "beautifully finished machine" so the famous walking spring toy could continuously walk, until you stop it.

"I've always had a slinky on my desk at work, to bend, stretch and occupy my hands in the presence of a problem. One day I was working on another project whilst playing with the slinky in my hands," Creatables Labs' founder of Craig McCormack says.

"The idea hit me, what if I could design a small, compact 'Never Ending Slinky Machine,' something that occupies your hands and eyes whilst your brain wanders, imagines, dreams."

It works like this: Plug the NESM to a power source through a USB, plunk a Slinky on its belt, turn it on, and prepare to waste the rest of your day watching your coiled steel plaything getting its heart rate up.

Are you thinking "shut up and take my money?" Preorders are being taken at Kickstarter.

(Via Neatorama)