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With this iRing, they do wed

Sorry, this Bluetooth controller is only a concept for now.

Yanko Design

No, this isn't from today's Main Event. But as the Apple hype machine churns at full throttle before the opening act, it's only natural for people to dream.

To wit: The "iRing" is an ingenious concept that combines fashion jewelry and iPod control with built-in Bluetooth technology to adjust volume and playback. Following the iPhone's touch-screen influence, it has touch-sensitive "function strip" too--though we wonder how practical it is for a piece of hand jewlery to have that feature, as it would seem to get bumped around a bit and might accidentally blast your eardrums out of your skull.

But the cradle is a good idea to avoid losing it, which is bound to happen. And that would be disastrous, because we're certain that more than a few fan boys and girls would wear them as wedding rings.