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With this iPod I thee wed

JD Andrews sent us this blog entry in response to our have impacted lives. But we just couldn't wait for the planned Apple 30th birthday special report to share his iPod wedding proposal.

Credit: JD Andrews

In what he called "true geek fashion," Andrews--who writes the blog "geek i 4 the tech guy (or girl)"--engraved the wedding proposal to his girlfriend (now fiancee) on the back of a new black 4GB iPod Nano.

"I was more worried that I would have to return the Nano than the ring. Also, I was very nervous that the right message was there since I didn't open it ahead of time," he wrote. "It would have been a shame if there was a mix up and she got the one that read 'Congrats crazy Jim on the big 5-0.' She was very surprised and said 'yes,' by the way. Hey she was getting a new Nano AND a diamond ring. What more could a geek wife-to-be want?"

Congrats to Andrews, whose big day is Dec. 2 in Colorado. Wonder if he'll have an iPod wedding.