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With LJ Media, LiveJournal to start promoting hot blogs

Venerable blogging service is launching the "social publishing group" to help elevate some of its most popular communities. And yes, cats and celebrities are among the topics being pushed.

If you're a fan of celebrity gossip, crafting, or cats, you may want to start heading to LiveJournal for your latest fix.

This morning, LiveJournal unveiled LJ Media, a new "social publishing group" that is designed to take some of the social blogging service's most popular communities and give them an extra push toward prominence.

The idea is that the best LiveJournal communities deserve to get special treatment--including valuable space on the service's front page, as well as other marketing help, a free custom redesign, and a few new technical tools--to get even better visibility than before.

LJ Media plans to promote as many as 50 communities by the end of 2012, but is starting with a small group that includes the hit celebrity blog Oh No They Didn't (ONTD), the crafting hub Craftgrrl, ONTD Games, and other blogs focusing on topics like cats, food, fashion, and LGBT issues.

Although LiveJournal is not as well-known these days as Facebook or Twitter, it has been around since 1999 and says it currently has 46.4 million blogs and communities and 10 million monthly unique users.

The communities that LJ Media highlights should get a nice bump from their inclusion in the new group. That should help blogs like ONTD, which already gets 3 million monthly unique visitors, the site said, and on which the new system was built.