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Tech Industry

With cell phones, it's all about location

Mobile carriers to start sending missing-child alerts; Microsoft touts location service. Also: "Free" TV.

Going mobile now means you can pitch in to help find missing children or quickly update your driving directions.

Amber Alerts head to cell phones

Nearly a dozen cell phone carriers will start to broadcast missing-children alerts to customers, starting Tuesday.
May 17, 2005

'Free' TV for your cell phone

Digital Music Video Network, an MTV-style commercial station, will debut in June with programming for the cell phone's tiny screen.
May 17, 2005

Study: Cell phone risk higher in countryside

A researcher finds that the risks of brain tumors are higher in rural areas because phones emit more intense signals there.
May 17, 2005

Microsoft touts real-time location service

Junk remover 1-800-Got-Junk is among first to latch onto package combining MapPoint Location Server with Sprint network.
May 16, 2005

The cell phone that does everything, sort of

Samsung's new A800 can take photos, scan in business cards, record videos, play TV shows and transcribe speech. But how well?
The New York Times
May 14, 2005