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With an AT-AT Imperial Walker stroller, your kid will never turn out normal

Modded stroller resembles 'Star Wars' vehicle


An e-mail exchange with another Craver yesterday, for one reason or another, led to my embarrassing revelation that photos exist of me at a very young age wearing a pair of big, fake fennec fox ears. It's embarrassing, yes, but after reading this post on Geekologie I realized that things could be much, much worse. The poor little munchkin in this photo will have to deal for the rest of his or her life with the fact that there exists visual evidence that he or she used to get pushed around in a Star Wars stroller. To be more specific, an AT-AT Imperial Walker stroller.

You (thankfully) can't buy this piece of kiddie fandom anywhere; it was apparently modded specifically for the Star Wars Celebration IV convention in Los Angeles last month. And, I admit, whoever did the modding sure did make it resemble one of those AT-ATs. But seriously. Think about the baby, and I don't mean "think about the possibility that putting him in an Imperial-themed stroller will make him turn out evil." I'm talking social acceptance here. Wait till this picture surfaces when the kid's in junior high!

Also note the extensive tattoos on the dude pushing the stroller. Something tells me there are probably some Jedi symbols in there. Hey, maybe it's the same guy with the X-wing mailbox.