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With a click, Amazon adds Dash buttons for Play-Doh, Campbell's and even fish oil

The e-retailer expanded its one-click widgets with more than 50 additional buttons.

Have you ever wanted to buy fish oil supplements with the simple push of a button? No? Well, Amazon's got you covered anyways.

On Tuesday, the online retailer introduced more than 50 new Dash buttons, which are small, plastic widgets that people can click to purchase consumables like cat litter or Red Bull through Amazon. The company just a few months ago grew the number of available Dash buttons to over 100, providing such vital buttons as Trojan condoms and Slim Jims. With Tuesday's announcement, the total is now above 150 buttons.

But, with many major consumables, like detergent, drinks and toilet paper, already available, Amazon ended up offering a few buttons on Tuesday that seem a tad esoteric. For instance, do people really need a button to reorder Nerf-gun darts? There are also new buttons for Azo Urinary Tract Health, Play-Doh and D'Addario guitar strings. Granted, the new list also includes some more expected items like Fiji water, Campbell's Soup and Clif Bars.

The new buttons reinforce the point that Amazon likes to experiment, even with ideas that at first may seem off, as it tries to find ways of making purchasing as easy as possible. Many folks thought the whole concept of Dash buttons was a joke when they were released on April Fool's Day last year. Yet, Amazon on Tuesday offered some vague but encouraging information that the buttons are catching on, saying Dash button orders and the frequency of those orders are ramping up.

Dash buttons are available essentially at no cost to customers of Amazon's $99-per-year Prime membership in the US. Customers have to pay $4.99 upfront for each one, but that payment is reimbursed after the first purchase using the button.

Maybe Amazon has run out of ideas for new buttons. Or, maybe fish oil supplements will become the most popular Dash button yet. Sure, that's doubtful, but Amazon figures it's worth a try.