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With 80-inch Aquos, Sharp bids adieu to old whiteboards

The new smart board lets users collaborate and share information between themselves. It is integrated with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office.

The new Sharp Aquos, a giant smart board that the company announced at CES. Sarah Tew/CNET

Those who have long depended on dusty old whiteboards can get rid of them, Sharp says. At CES here today, the company unveiled its Aquos Board--80-, 70-, or 60-inch screens that offer an all-new "touch solution" and give users new ways to share content.

The Aquos Board gives workers similar high-quality display technology to what they already have at home, and allows for sharing all kinds of content between co-workers. The device can capture notes, and has a connected PC and touch technology.

Users can employ a pen or even use their fingers for marking up displays and sending information to remote workers. The device, which is essentially a huge smart board--not a television--works with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office, and Touchpad applications.

Sharp's new Aquos Board Sarah Tew/CNET

"Let imagination and collaboration take it from there," Sharp USA president Doug Albregts said.

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