Wireless VoIP headset breaks desktop chains

Logitech's new "ClearChat" helps hardware catch up to software advances.

Tech Culture

For all the advances made in Internet telephony over the last decade, the hardware end of the business has lagged woefully behind. All too often we've seen things like retro corded handsets or other bizarre devices that would seem to keep a caller hopelessly tethered to the desktop.

Headset makers are coming up with some solutions that problem, however, with wireless headsets. First we saw a pair by Creative Labs at CES in January, and now Logitech has debuted a similar product, a 2.4GHz wireless stereo headset developed specifically for VoIP calls.

Not only does the "ClearChat PC Wireless" headset allow more freedom to walk and talk, but it also has "laser-tuned audio drivers" that can enhance stereo ouput up to 33 feet from the computer for music and gaming as well, according to Slippery Brick. Call it a small but brave step toward freeing the masses from forced desk labor.

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