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Wireless printing coming to the iPhone?

Wireless printing coming to the iPhone?

The decryption of the iPhone OS 2.0 software/firmware package has led to speculation that Apple may add support for wireless printing to the iPhone and iPod touch. An inspection of the iPhone OS 2.0 file structure reveals a directory named "Printers." Currently the directory is empty, but it could be populated with drivers.

Analysis of the firmware also reveals a list of supported Bluetooth headset devices, which include:

  • Parrot CK3100
  • SouthWing SH310
  • Samsung WEP170
  • Motorola T305
  • Motorola S705
  • Motorola HS850
  • Motorola H500
  • Samsung WEP200
  • Plantronics 320
  • Plantronics 640
  • Plantronics Voyager 510
  • Jabra BT250v
  • Jawbone

and many others.