Wireless mouth cam takes close-up of your chompers

Curious consumers can soon view the inside of their own mouth with a wireless camera that streams to the TV or computer.

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Picture of teeth on computer
Smile, you're on wireless camera. Chinavasion

Ever wondered what the inside of your mouth looks like? For those who missed out on dental school or are just purely curious about which teeth that piece of spinach is stuck between, Chinavasion will soon be selling a wireless dental camera for consumer use.

While it's not the first dental camera Crave has highlighted, the wireless capability and a promised cheaper price is worth noting.

The device has a 1.3-megapixel camera for video or still shots and a 2.4GHz wireless receiver that can connect with a TV or computer to transmit the toothy images to friends and potential suitors. Six built-in LEDs will light up the mouth for better viewing of plaque.

Wireless dental camera
The wireless dental device explores your mouth, sending pictures to your computer. Chinavasion

While the product's recommended for anyone willing to take a good look inside their oral cavity, product makers say dentists can also use it, even though it's not touted as a medical device. But it might be a surefire way to see if you knocked out that filling at lunch or to find that lost dental microphone, if opening wide and looking in the mirror doesn't suffice.

The Chinese gadget comes with software for Windows only, so Mac users may have to send the video of their pearly whites to the TV screen. Unless you want to make your guests queasy, its probably shouldn't be used during dinner.

Updated on August 5 at 1:15 pm PDT to correct the name of the company that sells the device.

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