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Wireless industry wheels and deals

CNET works the floor at the CTIA conference. Plus: A new cell phone is set to sail uncharted airwaves, and NTT DoCoMo is bringing I-mode to the United States.

The wireless industry gets gadget-happy this week at the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association conference. Among other wireless developments: NTT DoCoMo is bringing its I-mode service to the United States, and Handspring's Treo is set to run off of Sprint's new wireless network. Hot air permeates CTIA atmosphere
reporter's notebook Inflatable rafts shaped like phones. E-mail alerts for golf tee times. And at least one V-neck-khaki twin set. Just another day in telecommunications-conference land.
March 20, 2002 Shopping via cell phones loses interest
New research says consumers have lost interest in buying goods online using cell phones. "The more they've used it, the less they've liked it," the study's author says.
March 20, 2002 Cell phone to sail uncharted airwaves
Carriers are hoping that operating the most popular type of phone in a largely unused part of radio spectrum will bring some relief to the shortage of airwaves for calls.
March 19, 2002 I-mode wireless to hit U.S. this year
Japan's NTT DoCoMo will offer its wireless Internet service in the United States during the second half of 2002. The fate of the U.S. wireless Web could lay with I-mode's success.
March 19, 2002 Handspring Treo to run on Sprint networks
The two companies will work together to develop a new CDMA version of the Treo device that will run on Sprint's upcoming third-generation wireless network.
March 18, 2002

Microsoft shuffles Mobility Group
The company is shaking up the division, swapping executives and changing the software-release calendar in an effort to jump-start the company's push into handhelds and cell phones.
March 18, 2002

Software on tap to ease cell congestion
AT&T Wireless says it will be the first in the United States to test software intended to help wireless carriers create room on their networks for more calls.
March 18, 2002

Intel's Grove makes video pitch
Intel's chairman challenges the wireless industry to come up with better services than wireless e-mail and messaging, having his speech beamed to a PDA to prove the point.
March 18, 2002

Data, downloads and Microsoft
update The company taps VoiceStream Wireless and Verizon Wireless to debut its Windows-powered PocketPC devices in the United States.
March 18, 2002

Cell phone, laptop networks connect
Nokia is set to unveil a modem for notebooks that can access both cell phone networks and the networks that laptops use to surf the Net wirelessly.
March 17, 2002