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Wireless home theater in the wings

Neosonik claims first fully digital system of its kind

Tech Shout

We've been begging for someone to come up with a wireless home entertainment system for some time, and we're amazed to report that our wishes may actually be fulfilled in our lifetime (maybe). Recently we heard of wireless speakers from Avega and ZON Audio, and now Tech Shout says Neosonik plans to launch what it claims will be "the world's very first fully digital wireless home theater system" next month.

The company makes some pretty bold claims, so we'll be anxious to see if the reality lives up to the hype. Neosonik says signals will scorch their way through walls at speeds up to 60 mbps from as far away as 200 feet. That may be the least you'll expect if you spring for the top end of this system at $15,000. (A bare-bones version can be had for a mere $6,000.) At those prices, we'll be investing in extension cords for the foreseeable future.